Revolution #5: Say Hello to the geoLab’s Newest Addition: geoParsing

Matt Crittenden is the Team Lead for geoParsing | Email: In November 2018, the geoLab began planning the introduction of a new fourth team, geoParsing, to solve two serious problems. Why Create a New Team? In the past, academic research labs (like AidData at William and Mary) have serviced organizations around the world by […]

Revolution #4: Subnational Sleuthing – A quick primer of geoData

Author: John Napoli, Team Lead, geoData In 2015, the United Nations unveiled 17 goals, titled the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for member nations to strive towards in the quest towards sustainable development. These goals target entire subdivisions in the field of international development and aid such as gender equality, poverty reduction, and clean energy solutions. […]

Revolution #3: Breaking Boundaries

Written by Rachel Oberman and Seth Goodman Statistics By Rachel Oberman Maps By Leigh Seitz, John Napoli, Josh Panganiban, Graham Melville, Grace Grimsley, Lauren Hobbs Brave explorer and want to jump straight to the data? Check out our early alpha soft launch at: Every Sunday, nine students pile into a tiny lab in Williamsburg, […]

Revolution #2: New Year, New Boundaries

Author: Leigh Seitz As we start the New Year, we will take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to talk about the ever changing state of political boundaries. I work on the GeoBoundaries team, where I come across all kinds of fun facts about the world we live in. I get to decide (or […]

Revolution #1: Boundaries and Why They Matter

Author: Leigh Seitz Today’s revolution focuses on an upcoming project, GeoBoundaries, and dives into why administrative divisions aren’t boring and actually matter! Every place in the world has some sort of administrative hierarchy. I live in the 23236 zip code, which is located in Chesterfield County, in the state of Virginia, within the United States […]